Roofs for the future



The Challenge

The visuals created could be used in a variety of scenarios and combined the focus on quality, as well as the rigidness of the product.



Animated Landingpage

While rebranding the entire company, a new website was launched as well. Looking to "wow" potential customers we decided to implement scrolling animations that you usually see in high-class consumer goods. Like Apple, Polestar or Tesla.

We took inspiration from them and created a sequence of images to explain the function of the roof tiles interactively. The user is a lot more engaged that way and associates the product with a high value. Check out the website.


From physical to digital

To have consistent product visuals throughout all touch points I was asked to recreate the physical products into 3D twins. The clear goal here was realism. That made it easy for us to recreate new scenarios with the tiles, extend the product colors, or find new angles to show off in marketing material.

Once done, this process also saves the company the struggle of putting together a new photoshoot for every new campaign.

Scaling the photos for print also isn't a problem and doesnt take long thanks to AI-upressing. Overall here the main benefit is flexibility for the company.



Explaining Visuals

As the product itself is not self-explainatory to everyone I was also asked to create a series of visuals highlighting the main benefits of the product. These focused heavily on unique use-cases and putting the product into context for better understanding.

For a fair in the spring of 2022, I also animated some of the key visuals to play on big screens during the product presentation to get viewers' attention. These were used in social media posts and online advertising as well.


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