New Keyvisual for

Lifestyle Agency



The Challenge

bykarb is a creative agency based in munich and zurich. There work is focused around lifestyle brands and all things beauty. So when it came to their own brand they wanted to make an impact that resonated with their clients. Being bold but elegant with a hint of luxury.

Working closely with the founder and core design team we developed a visual that the team quickly fell in love with and that they are proud to share. Giving them confidence in their own brand and their abilities to wow clients in a demanding market.


A Keyvisual you want to show!

Ever had a Keyvisual that matches your style and decor so well you wanted to hang it in your office?



Designed with social assets in mind

As a social media agency you constantly need to be active on social media and engage with your clients. Without boring them with the same visual, they can share a lot of content while maintaining brand consistency.

The Keyvisual allows for a great selection of close up shots that can be used in a series or independently.



An iterative process

When working with other creatives it's a nice opportunity to include other people in the creative process as they understand and value of this experimental phase.

In order to create the perfect shape we went for a variety of options in the beginning. Slowly figuring out what visual qualities we liked and how we could strengthen them.


A 3-step process ensures a quality outcome that everyone loves.

Unlock your potential.

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